Heard about dotfiles?

Files starting with a dot (dotfiles) are ignored by default by the command ls, which has more or less the same effect of “hidden” files. The story goes that dotfiles are the outcome of a bug in the earliest days of UNIX. In an effort to avoid listing the . and .. entries of a directory (for the record, . is a link to the current directory and .. is a link to the directory above it), the ls command skipped files that began with the ‘.’ character. As a result, any file with a name beginning with ‘.’ was not reported by ls, and became hidden. Unlike in DOS/Windows, “hidden” is not an attribute in Unix . Heard about dotfiles?

Android Debug Bridge Over WiFi

When debugging or using logcat on Android, most of us have our devices hooked to our computers. It’s all fine that way, and it keeps your device charging up. But if you want to go wireless and save yourself from some wire-related hassle, it’s possible to use adb over WiFi, as long as your device and computer are on the same network. This article assumes that you have Android Developer Options enabled on your device and adb already set-up on your computer. Android Debug Bridge Over WiFi

MCB Juice – Fixing “Invalid Login Credentials” error.

I’ve been a fan of Juice services offered by the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), it allows you to transfer money from a smartphone or make purchases and ATM withdrawals, without a credit card or cash, and makes managing a PayPal account a child’s play.

Besides the somewhat outdated UI, I’ve been satisfied with the services until recently I was hit with an error : “Invalid login credential”, which prevented me from using the app, although I was dead sure every information entered was correct. MCB Juice – Fixing “Invalid Login Credentials” error.