Google AdSense (& AdWords) Meetup

September’s MSCC montly meetup topic was Google AdSense; Google’s advertising placement service, and how to use it to generate income with your website. This event was also the first official meeting of the Google Developers Group (GDG) Mauritius, be sure to check them out on Meetup!

GDG Mauritius

The GDG Mauritius is a local community-ran meetup for developers interested in resources and technology from Google Developers. Disclaimer: GDG Mauritius is an independent user group; our activities a


The event was held at the African Leadership College (ALC), at Beau Plan Business Park found in the northern region of the island, and is quite some beautiful venue!

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Going there for the first time with my friend Nythiennzo felt like going on an adventure, but we reached destination pretty easily.

The Meetup

The session was held by Jochen and we were joined by a majority of ALU Students. Jochen walked us through how to use AdSense to place an ad on a website, fine tuning the various parameters such as the look of the ad, choosing categories of ads to be displayed, and allowing for personalised advertising, among others. All of which was accompanied by a demo on the actual MSCC website.

As questions came along from the audience, some topics we also discussed were how to host websites on a budget using Cloud Platforms, importance of using SSL encryption, how to use understand and optimise ads using metrics provided by AdSense and Google Analyticsand also the role of  website content quality when it comes to ads.

Finally came the most anticipated part where we were explained how AdSense earnings work and the different methods to cash those out. Contrarily to what a lot of people think, making money out of ads and YouTube using AdSense in Mauritius is totally possible.

Chanakya Tiger Jheengut This month is a bit less about earning money by writing source code but passive income through website (and mobile)…


This meetup instead of the usual coding sessions, showed how to generate some income from some little blank space that might just be lying on your website. And as usual, this meetup was a great place to network and share ideas.

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